Why Bar Harbor is the Perfect Destination for Traveling Therapists

Why Bar Harbor is the Perfect Destination for Traveling Therapists Kym Tolson, LCSW, Traveling TherapistBoss Biller 🙂

Find out how this beautiful town of Bar harbor makes for an ideal early fall escape.

Visiting Bar Harbor

When I was planning my trip to Bar Harbor, Maine, I wasn't sure what to expect. I've never been to Maine and all I knew was that Bar Harbor was a small town on an island off the coast of Maine. I was curious about what the island would be like, and if there would be enough to do there to keep me entertained for a week. The town is situated on Mount Desert Island and is home to Acadia National Park.

And I wasn't disappointed – Bar Harbor is an absolutely beautiful town, complete with rocky coastlines, quaint streets, and plenty of seafood restaurants. The town's name comes from the sand bar that is exposed at low tide, which forms a natural harbor for boats. The sand bar was used by the Native Americans who lived in the area, and later by European settlers. One of my favorite activities was hiking across the Bar Harbor trail, which provides amazing views of the harbor and ocean, and is only accessible at low tide. Don't get stuck on the wrong side of the Bar!!

Where We Stayed

As anyone who's ever stayed in an Airbnb knows, there's always a bit of a gamble involved. Will the pictures be accurate? Will the host be friendly? Will the place be clean? But every once in a while, you get lucky.

And that's exactly what happened when we rented a log cabin in the woods for our time there. The pictures were accurate, the host was friendly, the place was clean, and the wifi was excellent. But what they didn't show in the pictures was how cozy and charming the cabin would be. With its log walls and stone fireplace, it felt like we had stepped into a fairytale. And the best part was that it was located right in the heart of nature.

One of the highlights of Bar Harbor was the lobster rolls. As a self-proclaimed seafood lover, I couldn't get enough of these delicious sandwiches, which can be found at almost every restaurant in town. Having celiac disease makes it a little more difficult to find gluten-free lobster rolls, but don't worry, I found quite a few places that could accommodate. My favorite was Side Street cafe.

Acadia National Park

Another, amazing part of Bar Harbor was Acadia National Park. It's one of the most popular national parks in the United States. The park covers an area of over 47,000 acres and includes several different ecosystems, such as forests, mountains, and coastal areas.

The park is home to a variety of wildlife, including deer, moose, bears, and coyotes. Acadia National Park is also a popular destination for hiking, camping, and fishing. In addition to its natural beauty, the park also includes several historic sites, such as the oldest lighthouse in the United States. One of our favorite hikes was up Cadillac Mountain. The views from the top were incredible!

One day, we rented e-bikes and road them 25 miles all through Acadia on the carriage trails! We had a great time, and the bikes were a blast. They were easy to ride and really helped us see the sights and conquer the hilly roads. We would definitely recommend renting e-bikes if you're looking for a fun way to see Acadia.


All in all, it was a great trip and I would definitely recommend Bar Harbor to anyone looking for an early fall escape. If you're ever in the area, do yourself a favor and check out Bar Harbor. The lobster rolls are divine, the hiking is beautiful, and the scenery will take your breath away. Acadia National Park is definitely worth a visit if you love nature and outdoor activities - I promise you won't be disappointed!

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