March 10, 2023
Digital Nomads and Medical Mysteries: Tips for Managing Unexplained Health Issues on the Road
Living and working as a digital nomad can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You get to work remotely, travel around the world, meet new people, and explore new cultures. But there’s one downside of digital nomad life that we often don’t talk about: what happens when you have unexplained medical issues while living on the road? In this blog post, we’ll discuss how therapists who are living as digital nomads can navigate their way through unexpected medical problems without compromising their health or having to put their travels on hold. We will also look at some practical steps they can take to help manage any challenges they come across while still being able to enjoy all the exciting opportunities that come with remote work.
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December 15, 2022
7 Things I wish I Knew Sooner About Traveling
7 Things I wish I Knew Sooner About Traveling Kym Tolson, LCSW, Traveling Therapist, Boss Biller 🙂 7 things you may want to know about Traveling or starting out as a Digital Nomad... Traveling is a great way to learn more about the world and yourself. It can be an amazing opportunity to explore new cultures and […]
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November 15, 2022
How to Home-School Your Kids While You Travel
Are you a parent who loves to travel? Do you want to share your love of adventure with your kids and don't want to deal with the hassle of having to send them to school? Then home-schooling might be the perfect solution for you! Here's how you can home-school your kids while you travel.
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October 25, 2022
10 Packing Hacks Every Traveling Therapist Needs to Know
If you're a Traveling Therapist, packing for your next trip is probably one of your least favorite things to do. After all, who wants to spend hours trying to figure out how to fit everything they need into one small suitcase? But don't worry, we've got you covered. 10 Packing Hacks Every Traveling Therapist Needs to Know by Kym Tolson, The Traveling Therapist!
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October 10, 2022
3 Of The Best WiFi Options for Travelers
When you're on the road, staying connected is important. Whether you're checking in with family back home or keeping up with work, having a reliable WiFi connection is a must. Oftentimes, for the average traveler, wifi will be available in your hotel or Airbnb, but for RV'ers and other long-term travelers, you may need more […]
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September 26, 2022
5 Tips to Save Money on Airbnbs and Hotels
Traveling can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be! There are plenty of ways to save money while you're on the road. In this blog post, we'll give you 5 tips to save money on hotels and Airbnbs. Keep reading to learn more! by Kym Tolson, The Traveling Therapist! Join a Travel Club, Membership […]
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September 23, 2022
Why Bar Harbor is the Perfect Destination for Traveling Therapists
Why Bar Harbor is the Perfect Destination for Traveling Therapists Kym Tolson, LCSW, Traveling Therapist, Boss Biller 🙂 Find out how this beautiful town of Bar harbor makes for an ideal early fall escape. Visiting Bar Harbor When I was planning my trip to Bar Harbor, Maine, I wasn't sure what to expect. I've never been to […]
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September 23, 2022
Niagara Falls is a Great Place to Visit as a Digital Nomad
Find out why this vibrant tourist destination makes an ideal location for a traveling therapist. Kym Tolson, LCSW, Traveling Therapist, Boss Biller 🙂 Niagara Falls is a great place to visit as a digital nomad. There are plenty of things to see and do, and the scenery is stunning. Many people believe that Niagara Falls is entirely […]
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September 23, 2022
6 Vermont Suggestions: From Scenic Day Trips to Gluten-Free Breweries
To guide you through this magnificent state, I've compiled a list of the best day trips if you're staying in a central location in Vermont. So pack your bags! It's time to head north! Kym Tolson, LCSW, Traveling Therapist, Boss Biller 🙂 If you're looking for an amazing place to visit, Vermont is the place […]
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March 27, 2022
My First 30 Days As A Digital Nomad; Amazing Adventures!
My First 30 Days As A Digital Nomad Kym Tolson, LCSW, Traveling Therapist, Boss Biller 🙂 My first 30 days as a digital nomad. It’s been one month since we (my BF and I)left our home and become digital nomads. It's been quite a journey! We've really had to do some adjusting. A lot of […]
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January 16, 2022
Exciting Newport Beach: Quirky, Historic, 10 Days
We stayed at The Resort at Pelican Hill, in the Villas. They are luxury villas located along the Pacific Coast in Newport Beach, California
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January 6, 2022
Traveling Therapists; Live the Life You'll Love Working Online.
In 2022, one of my goals is to walk on a different beach every month of the year. 
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October 11, 2021
San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico. Top 2 - Don't Miss - Exciting Excursions.
I went with my mom to San Jose Del Cabo for 6 days. It's amazing how hard it is to get people to travel with you on a whim. lol! Mom is always good to go; lucky for me. I was suprised to learn there are actually two Cabo's! San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo […]
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September 16, 2021
Adventures In Vail, Colorado. Top 5 Activities In The Fall
We had great adventures in Vail, Colorado!
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September 12, 2021
Glacier Bay, Ketchikan, & Icy Straights Alaska! The Most Gorgeous Mountains.
Seattle & Alaska - Norweigan Cruise I went with my mom for 10 days. Two days in Seattle and eight days on a Norwegian Cruise through Alaska.  The Thompson Hotel Seattle Washington is a luxurious hotel with a view of the Puget Sound and one block from Pike Market. The location was amazing. The hotel was […]
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August 21, 2021
Frolicking in Fort Lauderdale and Loving Luxury Accommodations
👩🏻‍💻 About Frolicking in Fort Lauderdale and Our Luxury Stay I went with my BF Ken, my sister Amy, my mom, and two nephews for 7 days. This particular property was about 25 minutes from my home in Hollywood, FL. This property had a lot more room than my current condo and I was able […]
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August 15, 2021
Deer Valley Utah
1.My recent trip 7-22-2021. My boyfriend and I traveled to Deer valley, Utah. This was our first official trip with We stayed in the Montage Resort at Deer Valley. A massive resort sitting on top of a mountain in Utah. Overlooking Park Valley, Utah, home of the Sundance Film Festival. 2. Pics and videos […]
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August 1, 2021
Charleston, SC.
About I went with my BF Ken for 5 days. We drove from Miami (8 hours). Had the audiobook Mindhunter downloaded for the drive. This was an trip. We stayed at The Emeline. If you want to talk to inspirato and learn more. Internet The first day the internet seemed like it […]
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