San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico

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👫 About

I went with my mom for 6 days.

We stayed in two hotels. About a week before our trip, the first hotel emailed to say they were closing for three days due to hurricane damage and they needed to do construction. 🤦‍♀️ thankfully intercepted the email and started working on a second hotel for us to stay in. The first stay was at Viceroy los Cabos

second stay Hotel Ziva Hyatt which was an all inclusive!  Yay!! 🎉

If you want to talk to inspirato and learn more, here is my referral link.

Here is a spreadsheet I’m keeping about the costs of these trips if I wasn’t using Inspirato to stay in these luxury properties.

💻 Internet


The hotel internet was excellent no problems. I made sure to use my VPN while seeing clients.

My straight talk wireless did not work in Mexico so I re-activated my Google FI connected phone. The cool thing about Google Fi is I can turn service on and off when I need it. They have no contracts. Service was excellent with the Google fi. Close to 5G most of the time. I used that hotspot to have access to my personal phone while we were away from the resorts. This is my google Fi referral code if you want to check them out.

👨‍💻 Work

I saw a handful of clients while I was there and did host a training for my Bill Like A Boss membership.  Luckily, I prepared the speaker before hand that I may lose connectivity. I’ll let her know that my zoom room is set to automatically make her the host with my connection dropped. That did happen for about five minutes during the presentation. She rolled with it and it was fine.

Here’s more about my membership if you’re interested in a support community that will help you DIY insurance billing in your private practice.

📝 Licensing Issues

Not an issue this trip. I checked and couldn’t find anything indicting it wasn’t ok to see clients while I was in Mexico.

🍱 Restaurant Recommendations

We ate mostly at the resorts and they were great about accommodating my gluten free diet. I did get sick after eating tapenyaki one night at Ziva, but that was the only issue.

I must say, eating three meals a day at Viceroy was expensive. We were glad to transfer over to the all inclusive, which did lead to Tequila shots at the pool bar in between aqua Zumba classes! 😂🤦‍♀️🤪

🚲 Highlights

~Camel Rides on the beach

~Exploring an eco-farm

~Sailing/snorkeling trip - Medano Bay - Arch of Cabo - the Beach of Love and snorkeling.

~Aqua Zumba in the pool

~Tequila tastings 

~At least 4 random whale sightings

~Dia De Los Muertos celebrations

🚙 Lowlights

~I was bit by “sea fleas” 😳 on the snorkeling trip.

~Where we stayed, The Sea of Cortes, was too rough to swim. They actually said you were not allowed due to the strong current. Beautiful, but a bummer since I love to swim in the ocean.

💰 Tips and tricks.

- I used miles from this credit card and my round trip flight and baggage were free. 😍 I was also able to use the United Club Room on my layover due to having two free passes from my credit card. Those club rooms are awesome!

Here’s my card referral I’d you’re looking for a good travel card.

-When you get to the airport ask for the taxi service that is the “shuttle”. I paid $14 for it. My mom arrived two hours earlier than me and was scammed by a time share company and ended up paying $50.

-I did exchange dollars for pesos at the airport, but I really didn’t need to. Everywhere took my credit card and US dollars.

-The Pharmicia’s have a lot of the medications you need rx’s for in the US. We got a couple of great deals!

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