02. Traveling Long-Term With Family in an RV!

02. Traveling Long-Term With Family in an RV!

In this episode, I have my very first guest, Addie Wieland. Addie Shares About Traveling in an RV with her Family as a Traveling Therapist. She travels with her husband and two young children. Her husband also works online and she helps us understand the art of juggling two online careers and children while traveling long-term in an RV.

Her expertise, training, and interests are working with young adults who feel worthless, struggle with being themselves, apologize all the time, struggle with anxiety, or feel like they have to put on this mask in order for people to accept them. A lot of times, this can be connected to past experiences.

She helps people work through their past so they can be at peace, accept all parts of their story, and live in the present. 

“Just going to see friends or family and that you might not, you know, get to see or maybe you see them one time out of the year or something like that. And so that's what I really love about RV travel is just going and being able to see friends and stay with them and hang out with them.” - Addie

  • Get to know Addie Wieland
  • Traveling in an RV 
  • Life as a traveling therapist
  • How Addie become who she is right now
  • And so much more!

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02. Traveling in an RV with Addie Wieland
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