01. Welcome to The Traveling Therapist

01. Welcome to The Traveling Therapist

Hey, everyone, I'm so glad you've decided to join me today to learn about my journey as a therapist, a boss biller, and a traveling therapist. In this brand-new podcast, I will bring amazing guests that will inspire you with their stories.  How they become who they are and their life’s journey.

“Basically, I was like, Okay, now I want to go online, I've got an entire caseload of insurance-based clients, and I need to figure out how to build insurance for all of these clients if I want to actually travel and work.”

  • How I become a traveling therapist
  • My journey in the private practice
  • What to expect with the Traveling Therapist Podcast
  • And so much more


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01. Welcome to the Traveling Therapist
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