98. Double Duty: How a Therapist Turned Property Mogul Masters Work-Life Balance with Julie Killian

98. Double Duty: How a Therapist Turned Property Mogul Masters Work-Life Balance with Julie Killian

In this episode of The Traveling Therapist podcast, Kym interviews Julie Killian, a therapist who has diversified her career to include managing short-term rental properties. Julie shares her transition from traditional therapy to a remote practice, a change prompted by motherhood and accelerated by the pandemic. She and her husband, both working remotely, ventured into real estate, acquiring properties in tourist hotspots. They self-manage these properties, balancing work with caring for their two young children. Julie discusses the practicalities of managing rentals, dealing with challenges, and the benefits of this lifestyle. Additionally, she provides insights into resources for those interested in short-term rentals and balancing work with family life.

Key Points:

  • Transition to Remote Work: Julie began remote therapy in 2016, shifting to fully remote work post-maternity leave in 2019, which coincided with the pandemic.
  • Diving into Property Management: Julie and her husband leveraged their remote work to invest in short-term rental properties in tourist areas, handling management and guest experiences themselves.
  • Balancing Family and Work: Julie details how she and her husband manage their professional responsibilities while caring for their young children, hinting at potential homeschooling to maintain their flexible lifestyle.

About Julie Killian:

Julie is the owner of Killion Counseling & Consulting, PLLC. Her practice is 100% virtual, and she specializes in treating adults with mental health and substance use concerns. Julie works virtually while caring for her 2 young children, and traveling to her 3 vacation rentals and beyond! 

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