95. Inside THE Original Online Therapist's Van Life Journey Dr. Amber Lyda

95. Inside THE Original Online Therapist's Van Life Journey Dr. Amber Lyda

Kym interviews Dr. Amber Lyda, founder of The Online Therapist Group, who recently started living in a van and traveling full-time with her husband. Amber shares how they chose an affordable van with good gas mileage so they can be spontaneous and cover long distances. She describes the systems they use for internet access, including a cell signal booster and Starlink satellite. 

Amber talks about how they find places to park and stay connected, using apps to locate RV parks, campgrounds, etc. She discusses the challenges of balancing work while traveling, as it can be unpredictable booking accommodations and planning around poor internet access on travel days. However, Amber says her communication with her husband has improved despite the confined space.

Kym and Amber compare notes on managing travel logistics like grocery shopping without a vehicle, relying on ride services, food delivery, etc. They also bond over trying to maintain routines and plans while on the road, and having to stay flexible when things come up unexpectedly.

Amber gives a glimpse into how she structures her work days around Paul's morning activities. She also shares where people can find her online and work with her as a coach. Kym expresses gratitude for Amber's influence and pioneering as an online therapist with multiple income streams.

About Amber Lyda:

Amber is a psychologist who, for YEARS, let her inner Go–getter trample all over her inner Life-Haver. 

She found a way to continue to do the work she LOVED without sacrificing the life she wanted. She left her agency job and started an ONLINE ONLY cash pay therapy practice. 

She work at home, with her dogs, and most often – in her pajama pants. She can’t enjoy this amazing new life without helping other clinicians also get to theirs. 

Amber coach, consult, and build courses to help therapists get clear on the life they want to have and how to get there. She help other therapists find their freedom, flexibility, and flow – whether it’s: training them to build their own online therapy practice or increasing their income while decreasing their working hours by learning to market to private pay clients or coaching them through finding their other passions and turning them into profits. She help therapists Dream Big and Live Better.

Connect with Amber:

Facebook Online Therapists Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/138663903332494/ 

Email: dr.amberlydainfo@gmail.com

Website: www.dramberlyda.com

At Alma we believe when therapists have the support they need, the system gets better for everyone. Learn more about Alma.

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