94. Road Warriors to World Wanderers: A Digital Nomad Family's Transition from RV Living to Full-Time International Travel with Addie Wieland

94. Road Warriors to World Wanderers: A Digital Nomad Family's Transition from RV Living to Full-Time International Travel with Addie Wieland

In this episode of The Traveling Therapist Podcast, the guest is Addie Wieland, a digital nomad who travels full-time in an RV with her family.

Addie shares that they plan to sell their RV soon and transition to international travel, starting with some trips in Central America and Greece. Their goal is to spend a couple of years traveling in Southeast Asia, and eventually live on a boat.

She talks about pivoting her coaching business from working with female attorneys to specifically supporting digital nomads and traveling families. This aligns more closely with her own lifestyle and experiences.

Addie previews an upcoming webinar she's presenting and I’m co-hosting on how families can thrive while traveling full-time. She'll share tips on logistics, routines, mental wellness, finding personal time, and more.

Addie also discusses where people can find her on social media to connect about coaching for traveling families looking to navigate this lifestyle.

Check out our upcoming webinar, How to Thrive as a Digital Nomad Family & Not Lose Your Sanity, presented by Addie Wieland, Traveling Therapist Coach, will offer actionable tips to make sure everyone's needs are met—even in the coziest of spaces.

About Addie Wieland:

Addie Wieland is a LCSW in texas. Her expertise, training, and interest are working with young adults who feel worthless, struggle with being themselves, apologize all the time, struggle with anxiety, or feel like they have to put on this mask in order for people to accept them. A lot of times, this can be connected to past experiences. She help people work through their past so they can be at peace, accept all parts of their story, and live in the present. 

In June of 2019, she started Everyday Bravery Counseling while working at a college counseling center. She began seeing clients online. In August of 2019, her husband, and young daughter set off on their first RV adventure traveling through several states. Now, she travel off and on in their fifth wheel with her husband, 3-year-old daughter, and 9-month-old son, while being an online therapist. 

Connect with Addie: 

FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/846113827184917

IG link: https://www.instagram.com/nomadicallythriving/

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