92. Combining Therapy Passions, Tech, and Alternative Income Streams with Mor Goldberger

92. Combining Therapy Passions, Tech, and Alternative Income Streams with Mor Goldberger

In this episode, Mor shares her journey from being a traditional therapist to becoming a traveling therapist, combining her passion for travel and her love for therapy. Mor started traveling internationally alone at a young age and developed a strong desire to see different countries. Initially, her background was in tech, which made it challenging to transition to therapy. Eventually, she pursued her passion and became a therapist, specializing in couples work and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).

Mor discusses how she incorporated her tech background into her therapy career. She currently works for a tech company called Mentaya, where she serves as the head of provider experience and growth. The company offers solutions for therapists who prefer not to handle insurance directly. Therapists can refer their clients to Mentaya, which handles insurance claims, and eligibility checks, and streamlines the process for therapists, allowing them to focus on therapy while ensuring accessibility for clients.

The episode highlights the importance of following one's passion and finding creative ways to incorporate therapy into different income streams. It also emphasizes the significance of understanding out-of-network benefits and considering alternative options for reimbursement, especially when working with insurance companies that may not be ideal.

Key points:

  1. Pursue your passions: Follow your interests and find ways to incorporate them into your career, even if it requires a shift in direction.
  2. Explore alternative income streams: Look for creative ways to generate income as a therapist, such as leveraging technology or offering additional services beyond one-on-one client sessions.
  3. Understand insurance options: Gain a working understanding of out-of-network benefits and consider utilizing platforms to help streamline insurance processes, reduce logistical strain, and maintain financial sustainability.

About Mor Goldberger:

Mor Goldberger has an MFT from the Wright Institute and an MBA from Berkeley Haas. By day Mor leads Therapist Experience and Growth for Mentaya and by night she works as a couples therapist. Mor is passionate about helping therapists grow their private pay practice and create more time for themselves. 

You can learn more about Mor & Mentaya here

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