90. The Dark Side of Paradise: Airbnb Nightmares & Digital Nomad Survival Tips

90. The Dark Side of Paradise: Airbnb Nightmares & Digital Nomad Survival Tips

In this episode, Kym shares her latest digital nomad update from Las Terenas in the Dominican Republic. She dives into her experiences with extended international travel, focusing on the highs and lows of booking Airbnbs. Kym offers practical tips on red flags to watch for, like hosts wanting to communicate off the Airbnb app and requiring lease agreements. She also shares some "pro tips," like booking short stays first to test out an area and using services that handle return flight bookings for U.S. digital nomads. The episode wraps up with Kym mentioning that the Traveling Therapist Membership is focusing on extended international travel this month, featuring expert advice from guests like Talia Brown.

For anyone looking to get started as a traveling therapist, Kym recommends these resources:

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