89. Therapy Across Borders: Navigating Practice and Perspective with Romel Santiago in Colombia

89. Therapy Across Borders: Navigating Practice and Perspective with Romel Santiago in Colombia

In this episode, we delve deep into the personal and professional journey of Romel Santiago, a therapist specializing in trauma and sex therapy. Romel shares his transformative journey of relocating to Colombia and navigating the intricate process of becoming a licensed therapist there. He recounts the bureaucratic hurdles encountered, including the apostille process and engaging with various government agencies. Despite the challenges, Santiago emphasizes the opportunities and unique experiences that Colombia offers, including a fresh perspective on therapy practices, which starkly contrast with those in the US.

As the conversation unfolds, Santiago offers rich insight into the therapy landscape in Colombia, highlighting both the limitations and the avenues it opens up for practitioners. He shares his strategy for building a practice in Colombia and leveraging his niche to serve specific communities effectively. Santiago also imparts invaluable advice to aspiring therapists considering practicing in a different country, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and finding one's niche. Join us for an episode filled with laughter, learning, and the spirit of adventure, as we explore the road less traveled in the world of therapy with Romel Santiago.

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