85. The Nomadic Therapist: From Lake Tahoe to AI—Travel Tales & Pro Tips for the Modern Practitioner

85. The Nomadic Therapist: From Lake Tahoe to AI—Travel Tales & Pro Tips for the Modern Practitioner

In this episode, Kym takes listeners on a whirlwind tour of her recent travels across the U.S., sharing everything from the tranquil beauty of Lake Tahoe to the bustling energy of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Alongside her travel tales, Kym shares pro-tips for digital nomads, including the advantages of slow travel, staying in Airbnbs, and how to manage jury duty while on the move. In addition to her journey, she also delves into her various ventures, such as the Clinical AI Club and the Traveling Therapist Membership, offering a behind-the-scenes look at upcoming content designed to elevate the practice of he fellow therapists.

Whether you're an aspiring digital nomad, a seasoned traveler, or a therapist looking to modernize your practice, this episode is jam-packed with insights. Kym discusses her evolving travel itinerary, from hitting must-see national parks like Yellowstone to exploring hidden gems like Bend, Oregon. Amidst the travel chat, she highlights some upcoming features in her thriving online communities, including how to leverage AI in private practice and the importance of building multiple income streams for a more flexible lifestyle. Don't miss this episode full of travel inspiration and professional growth!


  • Advantages of slow travel. 
  • Staying in Airbnb's v/s hotels for a more affordable and enjoyable experience in between stays. 
  • Managing jury duty while on the move

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