83. Embracing Nomadic Living: A Journey from the Corporate World to Becoming a Full-Time Nomadic Travel Coach with Heather Markel

83. Embracing Nomadic Living: A Journey from the Corporate World to Becoming a Full-Time Nomadic Travel Coach with Heather Markel

In this episode, I interview Heather Markel, who quit her corporate job to become a Travel Coach. She helps individuals transition into a nomadic lifestyle. Heather shares her journey from being a coach to becoming a full-time traveler, and how her experiences inspired her to help others embark on a similar path.

Heather talks about her background as a travel coach and how she made the leap into the world of full-time travel. She discusses the pivotal moment that led her to make this life-changing decision and the challenges she faced while adjusting to a nomadic lifestyle.

Heather delves deeper into the realities of full-time travel and the personal growth she experienced along the way. She emphasizes the importance of mindset and how addressing fears and mental barriers is crucial before tackling financial aspects. Heather also shares her insights into the dynamics of building relationships while traveling. 

She delves into the practicalities of nomadic living, including dealing with rustic traveling issues such as dealing with insects and wildlife encounters. Heather shares her mindset shift to coexist with nature. She also discusses her travel coaching services, where she helps future and current travelers address mindset, finances, and logistics to successfully transition into a nomadic lifestyle.

Heather's unique journey and expertise offer valuable lessons for aspiring travelers seeking a similar lifestyle. Her emphasis on mindset and personalized coaching approach make her a valuable resource for those looking to embrace the freedom and adventure of full-time travel. To learn more about Heather and her coaching services, visit www.fulltimetravelcoach.com.

Heather Markel spent over 25 years stuck behind a desk in her corporate career.  In 2017, she made a bold decision to quit her job and take a six-month career break to travel the world. Instead, she found a new way of life.  Since that time, she’s been to 37 countries on six continents, including being marooned in New Zealand for two years during the pandemic. Six years later, she still has no permanent address.   

Today, Heather is a New York Times featured Full Time Travel and Business Coach who works with professionals who want to start or sustain extended travel or work remotely while traveling.  She’s a best-selling author and a TEDx speaker focused on the opportunities of full-time travel.  She teaches her clients the mindset, money and mastery they need in order to achieve that lifestyle. Her mission is to help frustrated professionals seeking freedom, flexibility and fun to “ditch their desk and discover their destiny™” through full-time travel.  

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