80. Embracing Solo Travel: Embrace Freedom and Stay Confident with Julie Rose

80. Embracing Solo Travel: Embrace Freedom and Stay Confident with Julie Rose

In this podcast episode, Julie shares her experiences as a solo traveler and digital nomad. She discusses her decision to leave the traditional way of life behind and become a nomad, documenting her journey on her blog and social media. She talks about how the pandemic made her realize the possibility of working from anywhere, leading her to sell her house and embrace the freedom of travel. Julie talks about the practical aspects of solo travel, such as managing her dog and navigating different transportation options as she travels through Mexico. 

She emphasizes the importance of projecting confidence and avoiding a victim mentality while exploring new places. She discusses safety as a solo female traveler and challenges the notion of constant fear and suspicion in foreign countries. She shares her belief in the universal goodness of people and encourages a positive and open perspective when traveling. She also shares a personal experience of dealing with a police checkpoint in Mexico and how her preparation and knowledge helped her confidently navigate the situation.

Overall, Julie offers insights into the mindset, practicalities, and safety considerations of solo travel. Her experiences challenge common misconceptions and provide valuable advice for those interested in embarking on their own solo adventures.

Bitten by the solo travel bug at a young age, Julie became a full-time nomad in 2020 when she sold her house and 98% of her belongings to travel 24-7. Since then, her nomadic lifestyle has taken her across all 50 states and Mexico, and almost every country in Western and Eastern Europe. Julie has visited 31 countries (and counting!) to date, and typically spends 10-11 months of the year outside of the U.S. She loves to share her experiences and perspectives on her blog and social media, showing others that a life with more travel is both fulfilling AND attainable... and she also loves to share her travel experience and destination expertise with clients, bringing their #travelinspo to life and creating immersive and life-changing moments they'll never forget.

Blog | https://juliedevivre.com/blog

Ebook: Money & Mindset: How to Take a Sabbatical | https://juliedevivre.com/ebook/

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  • Embracing Nomadic Living: Julie shares her journey of leaving behind a traditional lifestyle and documenting her nomadic experiences. The pandemic sparked the realization of the freedom to work from anywhere.
  • Practical Tips for Solo Travel: Julie discusses managing her dog and navigating driving through Mexico. 
  • Safety and Confidence: Julie challenges the notion of constant fear and emphasizes the universal goodness of people. 

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