70. Utilizing AI for Efficient Travel Planning & Navigating Unforeseen Changes: A Traveling Therapist's Journey Continues

70. Utilizing AI for Efficient Travel Planning & Navigating Unforeseen Changes: A Traveling Therapist's Journey Continues

In this episode, I take you on a journey through my travels as a traveling therapist and share our experiences in Joshua Tree National Park and the hidden gem of a town, 29 Palms. Our adventures range from hiking breathtaking trails to immersing ourselves in the unique desert scenery, all the while savoring our time in a desert-themed Airbnb.

I also reveal my new secret weapon in our travel planning toolkit - ChatGPT, an AI tool that has significantly streamlined our itinerary planning. By inputting our preferences, we've been receiving daily travel plans that help us make the most of our exploration of national parks and other destinations. I share how this innovative technology helped us navigate the picturesque landscapes of Joshua Tree.

I delve into the unexpected twists and turns of our journey, such as our last-minute diversion from Death Valley to Sequoia National Park. However, the adventure doesn't stop there. We learned to check the National Parks' websites for potential road and trail closures ahead of time. Despite some of the parks being inaccessible due to seasonal changes, we still found ways to enjoy our travels, and we're now looking forward to our upcoming winter in the Caribbean.

Lastly, I’m so excited to announce the launch of the Traveling Therapist membership that happened on Wednesday, May 10th, 2023. To celebrate, we're hosting a free preview week in our Facebook group with guest speakers, and prizes; including one free entry into our course and three months of free membership! 

The Traveling Therapist membership offers monthly events, live meetups, expert training, and an exclusive Facebook group. Our initial months cover networking, remote working essentials, and mindfulness on the road. 

Founding members can join now at an introductory rate of just $17.99/month. Don't miss this opportunity to become part of our traveling therapist community

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