69. From Private Practice to Personal Branding: A Therapist's Journey to Location Independence with Maegan Megginson

69. From Private Practice to Personal Branding: A Therapist's Journey to Location Independence with Maegan Megginson

In this episode, Meagan talks about her journey of becoming a traveling therapist and the options available to therapists beyond private practice. In 2016, she and her husband moved from Texas to Oregon to start anew. To maintain her income while traveling, she moved her Texas caseload online, which led to her realizing that she could be location independent for the rest of her career. 

Meagan also discusses the idea of personal branding for therapists, which involves building a profitable brand based on one's personality, values, stories, and subject matter expertise. She notes that personal branding can be a great option for therapists who want to move beyond private practice and shows how one can create a successful personal brand.


  • Therapists who want to become traveling therapists can consider moving their caseload online to be location independent.
  • Group practice is not the only option for therapists who want something more beyond private practice.
  • Personal branding is a viable option for therapists who want to create a profitable brand based on their subject matter expertise, personality, values, and stories.

Maegan Megginson is a licensed therapist, business coach, and creator of Next-Level Therapist, the coaching community for established therapists who're ready to take their careers to the next level. She’s also the founder of The Rest & Success Code, the charity fundraising event that inspires therapists to become deeply rested and wildly successful.

Maegan's Story

Maegan won the “Best at Everything Award” in the 8th grade—an accolade that solidified her persona as an overly-responsible, perfectionist people-pleaser. She carried these traits with her into private practice, creating a business that made her feel stifled, anxious, and trapped.

During an intense episode of burnout, Maegan took a month-long sabbatical that radically transformed her business. She shed her A+ student conditioning and realized that for her, “Rest is Revenue!”

Now, Maegan dedicates her life and time to other ambitious therapists who are kicking ass, making bank, and changing the world one brilliant idea at a time.

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