63. Nomadic Notes: Mastering Remote Workspaces & Wi-Fi Challenges for Traveling Therapists [Listener Question Series]

63. Nomadic Notes: Mastering Remote Workspaces & Wi-Fi Challenges for Traveling Therapists [Listener Question Series]

On this episode of the Traveling Therapist podcast, I dive into alternative workspaces for therapists on the go, digital nomads, or those looking for a change of scenery. Based on a listener request from Bridget H, I discuss how to find reliable places to work outside your home, including working in your car without killing your battery. I also touch on the importance of wifi for remote work and how to manage HIPAA privacy considerations while traveling. I share my recent experience with a problematic wifi situation and the importance of verifying internet connectivity before booking accommodations. This episode is packed with valuable insights and advice for those working remotely and maintaining a successful practice while on the move. Thanks for listening!

Key Points: 

  1. Exploring alternative workspaces: advice for Traveling Therapists seeking alternative work environments while on the road.
  2. Importance of reliable Internet: The episode underscores the need to verify adequate wifi before committing to a location and how to do so. 
  3. Privacy in remote work: The episode highlights the significance of maintaining HIPAA privacy standards while working remotely and what that looks like. 
  4. Overcoming technical challenges: Tips on how to troubleshoot common technical issues that arise during remote work sessions and ways to protect against potential problems

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Mastering Remote Workspaces & Wi-Fi Challenges

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