61. Setting Sail for Adventure: The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for a World Cruise with Kids in Tow with Jessica Tappana

61. Setting Sail for Adventure: The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for a World Cruise with Kids in Tow with Jessica Tappana

Jessica Tappana is an LCSW, a group practice owner, and the founder of Simplified SEO Consulting. She understands the complexities of owning a group practice and believes that therapists do their best work when they have a steady stream of their ideal clients. After building her own practice using Search Engine Optimization as her only marketing tool Jessica began helping other private practice owners get their websites ranked on Google and founded Simplified SEO Consulting. Her small team has helped hundreds of other private practice owners reach more clients needing their services by teaching them to optimize their own websites as well as done-for-you services. Jessica is passionate about helping therapists grow their practices so they can do their best clinical work and loves to talk about SEO, answer questions, and support other mental health professionals. One of Jessica's favorite parts of all of her jobs is that so much of it can be done while traveling the world. She is currently preparing for a 4-month world cruise next year, where she will get to see the world while still being able to log in to work!

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  • Homeschooling Beyond Borders: Mastering the Art of Homeschooling While Sailing the Globe with Your Children
  • The Secrets to Keeping Your Thriving Businesses on Autopilot While You Jet Off to Adventure

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Webpage: https://simplifiedseoconsulting.com/

DIY Courses: https://simplifiedseoconsulting.com/online-seo-courses/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SimplifiedSEOConsulting/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/simplifiedseo/Link to the Spring Break Blog Writing Workshop for Therapists happening in Steinhatchee, FL: https://simplifiedseoconsulting.com/blog-writing-workshop-seo-training/ (There are only a few more spots available for this)

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