57. How Following Your Joy and Passion Can Lead To Additional Streams of Income with Megan Smith Gunnell

57. How Following Your Joy and Passion Can Lead To Additional Streams of Income with Megan Smith Gunnell

Megan Smith Gunnell is the Founder & Director of the Thriving Well Institute, psychotherapist, speaker, writer, international retreat leader with 24 years experience. She’s also a coach to therapists who want to learn how to build and scale their business and admin of the Thriving Therapists FB group with almost 17,000 members. Megan was selected as one of only 33 FB community admins in all of North America for the prestigious Meta Community Accelerator Award for 2022-2023. She has presented and facilitated workshops and retreats globally and nationwide. She manages a private practice, a group practice, her coaching and consulting business and loves to help others learn how to thrive at work and at home!  A recovering perfectionist and recklessly brave, she's not afraid of most challenges.

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Learn More About: 

  • How a pop up dinner event evolved into a full blown, week long, culinary tour in Tuscany. 
  • Transitioning out of a heavy client caseload by scaling a solo private practice from the 1:1 to 1:many model. 
  • The process of turning a passionate idea into a profitable revenue stream.                            
  • And so much more!

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As you may know, I have a variety of resources available to therapists who want to bill insurance in their private practice. I have a comprehensive membership to teach you how to build on your own. But I also refer mental health practitioners to companies like Alma who can do your billing for you if you don't want to hire billers or do it on your own. If this sounds like the kind of support you need in your insurance-based private practice, consider joining Alma to get the tools and support you need to manage and grow your private practice, accept insurance and focus on what matters most delivering high-quality care to your clients. 

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