49. A Traveling Therapist Living in Galicia, Spain with Jessica Taylor Vara

49. A Traveling Therapist Living in Galicia, Spain with Jessica Taylor Vara

Jessica Taylor Vara, LMFT, EMDR a fully Licensed and Certified EMDR Therapist in California and Florida. Moving to Spain only 4 months ago, she continues to maintain her private practice online, is becoming an EMDR Consultant, and is organizing therapeutic retreats for fellow therapists all while adjusting to life in another culture!

Healing her own traumas in EMDR Therapy while creating a life she loves; Jessica thrives to empower clients to do the same. She provides therapy for other therapists, millennials, and college students that supports slowing down and focusing on what's most important.

Practicing what she preaches, Jessica is reconnecting with her roots by living in her great grandparents’ home in a small coastal town in Galicia, Spain. Life now is very different from her busy life in California! Jessica is settling into the slower paced lifestyle by embracing a better balance between work and personal life.

Listen in to learn more about her journey and what life as a Traveling Therapist is like in Spain!

Connect with Jessica:

Phone: (424) 571-2616

Email: info@jessicataylorvara.com

Website: www.jessicataylorvara.com

Professional Instagram: @jessietaylorvara

Personal Instagram: @gringosingalicia

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