47. A Traveling Therapists Journey Through Bali and  Vietnam with Mary Jo Harmon

47. A Traveling Therapists Journey Through Bali and  Vietnam with Mary Jo Harmon

Mary Jo Harmon recently obtained a Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Memphis.  As the first college graduate in her family, she embraces a dynamic curiosity to create a career path less traveled. She returned to graduate school after a lengthy career in IT Management and made a goal early in her academic program to achieve both a high-compensation career while embracing a love for psychology and the desire to impact the health and well-being of Black people.

For the past nearly 12 months, she has traveled the world while completing the requirements to become a licensed mental health counselor working in private practice.  Her future plans include further international travel in 2023 to Central America and Africa while finalizing licensure requirements. Mary Jo also identifies with the health of any size community and is committed to raising awareness of fat stigma.  She has completed research and published in the areas of young adults, intellectual disabilities, and career outcomes and has recently been accepted into the Adler University Psychology and Organizational Management doctoral program.

Despite spending three years in school, Mary Jo Harmon didn't begin to interact with clients until the very last week of the program. “You know, when you leave the airport, and you see pictures of models selling things, they don't look Asian. So it's a lot of pressure for women here.”

Learn More About:

  • Introduction to Mary Jo Harmon and her journey.
  • What it’s like to find a place to live in Asia.
  • What’s the culture like in Hanoi?
  • And so much more!


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