46. A Year in a Travel Trailer! The Rambling Rumbaugh's Family of 4 with James and Liz Rumbaugh

46. A Year in a Travel Trailer! The Rambling Rumbaugh's Family of 4 with James and Liz Rumbaugh

James Rumbaugh resigned from the school system on June 30th and opened up his full-time private practice on July 1st. The Rumbaugh Family hit the road on Sept 1st just 4 of them, James, his wife Liz, and two boys in a travel trailer for a year.

In this episode, James and Liz Rumbaugh will discuss their adventure and share a bit about their relationship. Liz will discuss how it is going for her, particularly her move into virtual schooling, and James will discuss how he went from being just your standard therapist to a traveling therapist. Check out this episode to learn more about their journey!

“You don't really understand what you don't need and what you do need until you're out there. Maybe that's what the message is for the listeners, you only need what you need.”

Learn More About:

  • James’ and Liz’s story
  • What’s it like to be in the camper?
  • The importance of having an itinerary for your trip
  • Virtual school for the kids and how to manage it.

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