44. Say No To Overwhelm! Strategies To Help Therapists Move Towards More Ease In Their Lives with Sarah Leitschuh

44. Say No To Overwhelm! Strategies To Help Therapists Move Towards More Ease In Their Lives with Sarah Leitschuh

Sarah Leitschuh is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who practices in Eagan, Minnesota. Through her work with The Vibrant Therapist Consulting, LLC, Sarah supports other therapists in discovering how to do their work in a way that energizes them and doesn’t leave them depleted when it comes time for personal interests and relationships.  Sarah is on a mission to help reduce therapist overwhelm! Outside of work, Sarah is an avid reader, a nature lover and a fan of moving slowly.

Today, let’s get clean on our vision and find out what Sarah has more to offer! Enjoy this episode by tuning in!

Learn More About:

  • What would the perfect balance of the travel component of your practice feel like?
  • What do you recommend people do for a flexible schedule?
  • The importance of communicating expectations with clients

“If you get the right people in place, that maybe they're actually better at aspects of the practice than you are in and that's really good for your practice, and allows even more like expansion, while also you're traveling.”

Connect with Sarah:

The Vibrant Therapist Consulting, LLC

The Overwhelm Assessment for Stressed Out Therapists

Sarah Leitschuh Counseling, PLLC

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