43. We Moved to Las Tortugas! We live between our Yacht and our Villa which is an Airbnb with Karin Hatch

43. We Moved to Las Tortugas! We live between our Yacht and our Villa which is an Airbnb with Karin Hatch

Karin Hatch is married with two boys who both live away, one in England and one in Canada. She and her husband decided to relocate to Las Tortugas in a beautiful villa in Carriacou, another island north of Grenada in the Grenadines.

She is a Clinical Psychologist Applied Developmental Specialist and had her private practice for 28 years. Her niche population is 0-5 years but due to covid, she was unable to work virtually with that population. She rebranded and began to focus on teens and adults who could work virtually during Covid. She volunteered her services by offering a free 40 minute virtual session and did about 200 free sessions all over the world guiding people in countries as far as Bulgaria and Pakistan! She also offered discounted therapeutic packages. 

Karin work with many different issues- anxiety, trauma, depression, sense of self, self esteem, child abuse, developmental problems, ADHD, learning problems, autism, sensory disorders, parenting issues, and social skills. She is eclectic in therapeutic modality mainly play, art and drama therapy as well as cognitive behavior and relational theories.

Together with her Psychologist friend, they started a coaching business and created Beyond The Waves.

The way she embraces her talents and flaws, especially her fears, is one of her greatest accomplishments and something she is most proud of. In this episode, Karin will discuss how she got her start in psychology and the path she is currently on. 

Enjoy this episode by tuning in!

Learn More About:

  • Working with children and non-verbal children
  • Renting the villa and the yacht
  • The goal to have ripple effects into families and communities

“I think that you have to believe in what you do, because when you see it working, you see change happening for the better.”

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Twitter: @GmaiKarin

IG: @Karinammonhatch 

FB: Karin Hatch

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