42. Financial Self-Care as a Traveling Therapist with Kaci Schmitt

42. Financial Self-Care as a Traveling Therapist with Kaci Schmitt

Kaci Schmitt is a wealth-building mentor for therapists and the owner of Invested Therapist™. Outside of running Invested Therapist™, Kaci is a therapist in private practice who educated herself about personal finance, including investing for retirement and other financial goals. When she saw the impact learning about investing for retirement had on her own life, she created a second business to help other therapists go from feeling confused and overwhelmed by their finances to becoming confident, secure stewards of their money. 

Kaci is launching a monthly membership program for therapists in the fall called the Financial Self-Care Membership. You can learn more about it at investedtherapist.co/membership and also join the Facebook group Kaci started, Financial Self-Care for Therapists https://www.facebook.com/groups/financialselfcare.

In this episode, Kaci talked about both of the things she's working on - as a therapist and as a coach. Enjoy this episode by tuning in!!

Learn More About: 

  • How to organize your money
  • Setting aside money in investing accounts just for life goals.
  • What is Financial Independence?

“I also really believe that everyone gets to make their own decisions about what their business offerings are and how they want to work. But if you have something in you, that is saying, “I really have this message I want to share or I have something I want to teach”, there's so many different ways we can do that.”

Connect with  Kaci:

Invested Therapist™: investedtherapist.co

Email: kaci@investedtherapist.co

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