39. Moving to the UK to Become a Therapist! with Sydney Conroy

39. Moving to the UK to Become a Therapist! with Sydney Conroy

In this episode, we have Sydney Conroy, a first-year PhD student at the University of Cambridge at the PEDAL Research Center. Her current work focuses on the voices and experiences of children in play therapy sessions, as well as issues including trauma, the COVID-19 epidemic, and social discomfort. Sydney has experience working with children and families in both a private practice at Eastside Play Therapy and a community agency environment. She is currently residing in the UK and applying to become a therapist there. She has less knowledge about therapists who travel frequently, but she wants to share her perspective on going to a new country to practice therapy and developing a network. 

Tune in to this episode to find out more about Sydney!

“I think it's going to show up in a lot more nuanced ways that we would only get from therapists’ perspective of like being in the room with people that are processing that week after week, you're not necessarily going to hear that from teachers, or parents or people that are dedicated to looking to those specific issues.”

Learn More About:

  • How did you go from being a child therapist to a traveling therapist?
  • What is it like living in a foreign country?
  • What it’s like to be a digital nomad

Connect with Sydney:

Website: https://www.sydneyconroy.com/

Twitter: SydneyConroy_ 

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