38. Telehealth and Traveling with Dr. Abigail Hitchen

38. Telehealth and Traveling with Dr. Abigail Hitchen

Dr. Abigail Hitchen is a licensed psychologist in California with a telehealth credential for Florida. She has Iowa roots but was mostly raised in Oregon, and spent the last ten years in Southern California.

She has a background in Latinx mental health and migration patterns and social justice and was involved in several projects at the San Diego/Tijuana border. She started 100% telehealth in 2019 (pre-pandemic) as a means of fulfilling a dream of spending longer bits of time traveling the world.

She now owns and runs a 100% telehealth, largely insurance based, private practice with one hired therapist and will be expanding to more coming soon. She just left Southern California and is back on the nomad trail for a bit before getting married and moving to Scotland later this year! Abbie is currently navigating how to run a mostly insurance-based practice while changing residency away from California.

She has been to 39 countries and counting, and apart from psychology, loves photography, wildlife, food and wine, learning languages, and meeting people from all around the world.

She is the owner and psychotherapist at Karuna Psychological Services, can find her at www.karunapsychologicalservices.com and therapist facing Instagram account where she documents her digital nomad travels and traveling therapist stories @nejmagoesnomad.

Today, she’s going to share her story and all the places she’s been and the places she’s going to go! Find out about it and enjoy this episode!

“I was planning on leaving blue shoes anyway, but I got nervous because they just stopped paying me. And that I can't have the people that I see the most from those insurance companies, I can't have suddenly months of no pay, and then having to scramble to figure all that out.”

Here More About:

  • Transitioning and making it work 
  • Insurance as a form of social responsibility
  • Having something your non negotiables that you do

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