37. Living in Tanzania as A Traveling Therapist with Sara Barroso

37. Living in Tanzania as A Traveling Therapist with Sara Barroso

For today’s episode, we have with us Sara Barroso LMHC who is a licensed therapist in Massachusetts. Sara's practice focuses on helping people who are dealing with complex trauma, disordered eating, body image problems, depression, and anxiety. Sara has spent the last ten years traveling and has spent the last year residing in Tanzania. Her telehealth private practice was established in 2021, enabling her to work anywhere in the world. Today, she will talk about her story and experience! Find out about it and enjoy this episode!

Living in Tanzania

“Everything here looks the same. So it's harder for me to identify what's like a not-so-safe neighborhood, just kind of by like picking up on people's behaviors and like the way they're interacting and kind of like, what's going on, and what's perceived as kind of shady behavior in this culture”

Learn More About:

  • Sara Barroso’s story
  • How Sara adapted to a new culture and life in Africa
  • The pros and cons of living in Tanzania

Connect with Sarah:

Website: sarabarrosolmhc.com

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