34. Traveling Around the World on a Yacht with Erin Carey

34. Traveling Around the World on a Yacht with Erin Carey

Erin Carey is the founder of Roam Generation, a PR agency focused on helping travel, leisure, and luxury brands, experts and destinations share their unique and inspiring story with the world.

Erin has over 20 years of communications experience in the corporate environment and has interviewed in excess of 1000 people throughout her career. She has an inquisitive nature and loves to ask the big questions, to get to the real heart of the story. 

Roam Generation came about while Erin and her family were living on a yacht and sailing the world’s oceans. However, they weren’t sailors when they came up with the idea of leaving the rat race and sailing away. Without letting that minor detail get in the way, Erin and her husband bought a yacht on the opposite side of the world and went on to cross the Atlantic Ocean a mere 18 months later. 

Let this provide you with an indication of Erin’s personality-driven, tenacious and determined!

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Website: www.roamgeneration.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sailingtoroam

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