32. I Converted A 2002 Thomas School Bus Into My Traveling Home Office with Andrea Shipley

32. I Converted A 2002 Thomas School Bus Into My Traveling Home Office with Andrea Shipley

In today’s episode, we have Andrea Shipley. She is an LPC and a nomadic therapist who built her own private counseling practice, sold her house, and converted a 2002 Thomas school bus into her traveling home office. She’s been exploring and working from the road since 2019 and doesn’t have plans to settle down any time soon. Andrea also created a small group coaching program where she helps people imagine, design, strategize, and build the lifestyles of their dreams … while enjoying the ride.  Listen to this episode as she shares her journey and her program called “Lifestyle Design” 

“So like, relative to any other life I've ever lived, I feel pretty good in this one, I feel more free in this lifestyle, I feel more in control of my life than I have when I've worked for other people. And I'm getting the variety and the experiences that are really important to me. It’s not perfect, but it's really working pretty well.”

  • How did Andrea go from being just your typical therapist to a traveling therapist?
  • Andrea shares her journey to where she is right now.
  • And the freedom of having a stable home and being able to move around a lot.
I Converted A 2002 Thomas School Bus
I Converted A 2002 Thomas School Bus


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