30. Stranded in a Lightning Storm to Online Zumba - Digital Nomad Life - Month 5

30. Stranded in a Lightning Storm to Online Zumba - Digital Nomad Life - Month 5

This month started in Fort Lauderdale and ended in Asheville, NC. 

This episode covers a lot of ground! 

  • An update about Inspirato the luxury travel club I joined. 
  • Some ways I’ve incorporated exercise into my travel. 
  • The ups and downs of launching the Experts’ Guide to Becoming a Traveling Therapist course and new income streams I’m launching over the next few months. 
  • I share about my stay in Asheville and plans for the rest of the summer. 

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Free Multistate Training Webinar - https://www.subscribepage.com/multistatepractice

Incident to Billing Webinar - https://kymtolson.kartra.com/page/billing

Waitlist for Secondary Billing Masterclass - https://andnb.krtra.com/t/t98cBU4VDJlF

Bill Like A Boss Billing Membership - privatepracticeinsurancebilling.com

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