21. Soon to be Adventures in a Skoolie with Krystal Boza

21. Soon to be Adventures in a Skoolie with Krystal Boza

Krystal Boza is an LCSW and has been in the field for about 8 years now. She is a qualified supervisor who works on therapy platforms and in private practice. She worked with so many different populations, different agencies, different fields and her ultimate goal is to buy a skoolie and travel the states permanently. In this episode, she will talk about her journey and share her plans and what led her to it. 

“I appreciate the conversations and the community and being able to connect more of us and just giving that a different shine of lights on what our profession can be” 

  • Krystal shares her exciting journey
  • Traveling by Skoolie
  • When it resonates, there’s so many things you can do

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Email: therapyhour@outlook.com

Website: www.mytherapyhour.com

Instagram: @therapy_hour_llc/

Facebook: @TherapyHourLLC

Psychology Today: https://www.psychologytoday.com/profile/456466

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