18. Have You Been Dreaming About A Sabbatical? with Katrina McGhee

18. Have You Been Dreaming About A Sabbatical? with Katrina McGhee

Katrina McGhee is a Career Break and Sabbatical Coach - a certified life coach with an MBA who helps 9-to-5ers design mind-blowing breaks to create happier, more fulfilling lives.

After saving $40k in 18 months, Katrina sold all of her possessions and left her corporate job for a 20-month break to travel around the world. Upon returning to work, she landed five job offers in just five weeks, paid off $42k of debt in full, and then launched her own business.

Katrina helps her clients create fail-proof plans to leave their jobs and take successful breaks of their own. They return from their breaks recharged, inspired, happily employed, and forever changed. The accomplishments of her 40+ clients on their time off include writing novels, traveling the world, changing careers, and more.

Katrina is an enthusiastic world traveler and digital nomad. Her advice on career breaks, money management and international travel has been shared across various websites, blogs and podcasts including Forbes, Smarter Travel, Thrive Global and HuffPost.

Connect with Katrina:

Instagram: @kmcgheecoaching

Website: www.kmcgheecoaching.com

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