17. With A Little Planning, Maintaining Healthy Eating And Your Regular Routine Is Possible While Traveling! With Jillian Lama

17. With A Little Planning, Maintaining Healthy Eating And Your Regular Routine Is Possible While Traveling! With Jillian Lama

I’m so excited to share this episode with Jillian Lama. Jillian is a Master Certified Life & Weight Loss Coach who travels quite a bit.  She has specialized knowledge in eating well for our body's needs and maintaining a healthy regime even when you are traveling.  Additionally, she is an expert in helping people who have special diets, food allergies, and other dairy restrictions to navigate while traveling. 

“I  help busy people eat healthy without needing willpower or feeling deprived so that they can lose weight (and easily maintain it) eating the foods they love.

The only problem is, you’re at war with food after years of dieting, thinking you're not thin enough, pretty enough or good enough.

To make it worse, you haven’t a flaming clue what to eat to lose weight anymore, why you’re binging on chocolate, ice cream and peanut butter, and feel ALL the shame when you don't have the willpower to stick with your 1200 calorie diet.

Body You Crave teaches you to break free from diet-jail, so that you have freedom to eat dessert or a piece of bread (gasp!), without stressing over “falling off the wagon” or calculating how far you'll need to run tomorrow to “burn it off.”

It’s time to end emotional eating, conquer your cravings, and lose excess weight for Life.

When you're ready to eliminate stress, create simple habits that work, and finally wear that dress that's been stuffed in the back of your closet for years...

I'll show you how”

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