16. Exploring the “Not Your Typical Psychotherapist” Lifestyle with Ernesto Segismundo Jr.

16. Exploring the “Not Your Typical Psychotherapist” Lifestyle with Ernesto Segismundo Jr.

Ernesto is known around the therapist community as a retreat host and THE go-to videographer for therapists in private practice. He travels the world filming therapists and truly captures the essence of therapists in their private practices. In this episode, we discuss retreats, summits, travel hacking  (one of my favorite topics), and what it means to be a non-typical psychotherapist. 

Ernesto Segismundo is a licensed marriage and family therapist, entrepreneurial coach, videographer, and group practice owner. Ernesto received his undergraduate degree in psychology from BIOLA University and received his Masters of Science degree in Clinical Psychology from Vanguard University. 

Ernesto has over 10 years of clinical counseling experience working in settings such as group homes, domestic violence shelters, churches, and outpatient programs. Ernesto treats marriage and family relationship problems. Ernesto also treats individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, and addiction.

Along with Ernesto’s counseling experience, he has conducted various classes and seminars concerning relationships and mental health-related topics such as parenting, substance abuse, maintaining healthy marriages, private practice social media and video marketing, and managed care practices.

Ernesto can be found at https://www.fylmit.com/ 

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