14. Changing the Narrative. We Can Work and Travel However We Choose To! with Jeanene Wolf

14. Changing the Narrative. We Can Work and Travel However We Choose To! with Jeanene Wolf

In this episode, Jeanene and I discuss changing the narrative on how you spend your vacation time. We’ve had enough of the “shaming” voices and “should be advice” in therapist Facebook groups. We get to decide how and when we want to work when we are traveling! 

Jeanene is an LCSW in Virginia Beach, VA, and has been a social worker for over 25 years. She is the founder of Oasis for Therapists and an avid supporter of peer consultation and support. She created Oasis to provide a much-needed space for therapists to get the safe, professional support they need and deserve. I know the struggles solo and online practitioners face and found there were many of us out there looking for connection.

My vision is to help foster a world with more generous, non-judgmental therapists who want to help other therapists grow and be lifted up.

My mission is to support therapists who desire to grow in their work/life balance with confidence and connection so they can care for themselves the way they care for their clients.

You can find Jeanene at CollabOasis and on Facebook.


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