122. Discover How Authenticity Therapy Is Changing Lives Across the Globe with Yudit Maros

122. Discover How Authenticity Therapy Is Changing Lives Across the Globe with Yudit Maros

In this episode of the Traveling Therapist podcast, Kym chats with Yudit Maros, a therapist who has creatively merged her passion for travel with her professional life. Yudit shares her journey from traditional therapy to pioneering her own therapeutic modality known as Authenticity Therapy. She details how this approach, which emphasizes the integration of inner child work and self-love practices, came to life through extensive research and is now taught globally. Yudit also discusses the logistics and inspiration behind organizing therapeutic retreats in picturesque locations like southern Italy, providing a dual experience of external exploration and profound internal healing.

**Key Points:**

1. Yudit Maros developed Authenticity Therapy after a decade of research, creating a therapeutic model that combines inner child work and self-love practices, now shared through international retreats and workshops.

2. The episode dives into how therapists can blend personal passions such as travel with their professional endeavors to enrich both their personal lives and therapeutic practice.

3. Yudit emphasizes the importance of therapists undergoing their own healing and self-discovery processes to effectively help their clients, illustrating this through her retreats that provide both professional development and personal rejuvenation.

About Yudit Maros:

Yudit is a psychotherapist in private practice, an AAMFT Approved Supervisor, and the author of Apple of My I: The Four Practices of Self-Love. She is the originator of Authenticity Therapy, a new synthesis and integration in the field of psychotherapy, based on seven years of research about what helps people get well in therapy. It is a body-centered approach that focuses on one's ability to self-parent in a caring way. 

She also lead continuing education retreats for therapists, in the US and worldwide.

Yudith travel while she teach how to stay at home within yourself, in a delicious inner connection with your Inner Child. She like to have it all!

Her favorite place is the South of Italy, where she regularly teach an experiential introduction to Authenticity Therapy. Beautiful places in the US, Costa Rica, France, and Hungary are some other places where she travel and teach Certification courses in Authenticity Therapy.

Website: www.yuditmaros.com

You will find my retreats posted at Authenticity Therapy Retreats and CEU's for Mental Health Professionals on Facebook.

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Instagram: @thetravelingtherapist_kym

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Hey everybody, welcome back to another episode of the traveling therapist Podcast. I'm very excited today to have unit Morris here with us. She is very interesting, I can't wait to talk about everything she's done in her life. And she's continuing to do from developing her own therapy like modality, basically, and then teaching about it all over the world. So I want to introduce you you did and ask you the question I asked everybody, when we first start the podcast, how did you go from becoming a traditional therapist to a traveling therapist?


Okay, so that was a very organic process. Because I am from Hungary, I'm from Europe, I love to travel every year, we go back to Hungary from connect again. And on our way back to Hungary, we always start over somewhere in Europe, because it would be crazy not to and to look at Rome, or Florence or Paris on the way back home. So about three years ago, we stopped over in Calabria, Italy, in the south of Italy. And we were blown away by the beauty. This is a UNESCO protected area with crystal clear see all of that. So as we were walking these cobblestone streets with my husband, I said to him, you know, my intention for this year was to live my best life ever. And this looks like a place where I could do everything I love. Why don't I just bring some therapists here and leader retreat, resetting and maybe teaching them some of authenticity therapy, which is what I do and what I created, and which is inner child work. So why not travel, be in the most fabulous place on Earth, and then journey inward at the same time, because that's what my work is about. So I combined the outward journey with inward journeying. And that's what I do. I'm a guide, an expert guide in Italy, because I'm fluent in Italian, partly grew up in Italy, and expert guide inward to your inner child. And I know exactly how to do that in four steps. Because 10 years of research on this, oh,


I really want to get into all of that and talk about the authenticity piece and how you developed a whole therapeutic model. I think that's amazing through research, and now you're teaching it. So So you just go to this place in Italy, I guess you've never been before to that particular area. And it's just like this, this is it. This place is calling to me. I'm going to figure out how to be here more I would, I couldn't think of a more beautiful place to just teach this modality to therapists. So you're fluent and Italian? Does that mean that your retreats are run in Italian, like only Italian therapist or the American therapist? How do you how do that work?


It is an all American therapists logged into the Italian crowd yet. Also, I don't know my terminology in Italian. But yes, we just go to Italy. And I teach them it's an introductory course, while it's also a deep reset for the therapists. They connect within and they reset their own nervous system and reconnect with their own inner child with their own higher self or whatever you want to call it with the university's intelligence within us. And I know just how to do that, because I did this seven year research on basically it all started out if you want to know the details on that I


would love to because I love hearing stories like this, because part of this podcast is how do we develop other income streams based around our passions, you know, and it sounds like not only being a therapist, but hopefully we'll get into this a little bit. You've done a ton of research and you turn that into your own therapeutic modality based on your research. I think that's amazing. And there's other parts there too, that we could talk about, like you wrote a book. And you know, I'd love to just talk about all of that. So yes, please tell us how did you go from like, Oh, I'm noticing this and then like, I'm gonna start doing some research and then turning it into your own modality. I'd love to just hear about the whole process because there's probably people listening that are like, Yeah, I've got my own modality. Me too, but I haven't done anything with it. So I'd love to talk about that. Yeah,


sure. Of course, well, I didn't set out to create a modality, per se at all, actually, yes, it all started with good old fashioned shame. Because what happened is that when I opened my first private practice back in 2000, in South Windsor, Connecticut, I went around, knocked on doors, introduced myself to doctors and psychiatrist and one of them asked me the question, so what's your angle in therapy? Systemic therapies being an LMFT I didn't have a quick answer to that because I was trained in in an eclectic way like we're most of us are trained in and we just piecemeal therapy together according to my clients. Ah, so I couldn't really answer right away. And then I, what came out of my mouth is something I was horrified to hear. Which was, I don't know, but it works. Which is both ignorant. And, you know, arrogant and


I love it. Actually. I totally get it. Like, I don't know how I do what I do, but I do it. Exactly


what to do it and it works. Yeah,


that's right.


Afterwards, I was mortified. You know, and my, my very poor attempt to elicit or solicit referrals, right? Yes, right. Afterwards, I thought to myself, Okay, this doesn't fly with you that this doesn't. I have to know why it works. Because it did work. I just had no idea why. And just for my own sake, for my own conscious sake, nice to ask each and every one of my clients in each and every session, how come you're feeling better? That's how it's done. Justice, I understand. And I decided that there must be an underlying pattern. I just don't know what it is. I just took a block of yellow sticky notes and started to write very briefly down everything people said, they gave me a concise answer. Did I say something? Did you something, do something different? It's something happened in this week? How come you're feeling better? And I, I wrote it all down with no preconceptions, no sifting? Just very simple. And when I had a mountain of these, because I asked every client every session, and I started to look for common denominators. And she's down inches on them down. Are you sitting down? I did this for seven years. Because it took that long for the pattern to emerge. I mean, slowly, things started to emerge. But I didn't understand what this meant. And I knew I didn't know enough. And by the time four common denominators emerged, I knew it was done. I kind of felt it. So I then I sat down and looked at these four common denominators and looked for the interrelationship among them. How do they, you know, is that there must be a cyst, there must be a pattern here that I don't I'm not so and then it emerged, basically, I guess. And these were all four practices, that if you do in your relationship to yourself, hmm. Your feelings, your body sensations, which is how feelings are communicated to us, if you do these four things, you can't help but feel better. They're both there, all four of them are both necessary and sufficient for health. And it's all about need fulfillment in real time. Trusting the body which flies in the face of our culture, our country's horrified of trusting the body, oh my God, you're gonna become a criminal, or a an up and adulterer or a thief. If you listen to your instincts, it's not true. Just gonna version of you in love with your own stuff with your inner child in adoration in humble surrender to the truth inside of you, in real time, and this way, by doing these four things, you rebalance yourself in real time. ongoingly. And seeing little rebalancing at a time adds up into health, which feels like joy, which is another square in our culture. Joy is not something you're supposed to actually feel all the time. But it could just like babies do when they get what they need. more things than babies do. Yes,


I love that. Yeah. And just being being connected to the four things helps you probably not maybe not joy, but just feel content and authentic, I guess. Yes, yeah.


This is actually the practice of inner guidance, how to listen to your own self. In order to know what to say next, and what to do next. And what to choose next. amazes on the truth within not on what you think others expect of you, not what your brain chatter says. preys on present moment, awareness and experience, based on feeling as opposed to being numb and not feeling exactly. Authenticity therapy really leads you back to your own body's information and does away with any obstacle in the way including trauma. So trauma resolution is embedded in this in this model. And when I started to use this model in my own practice, and I was flip flopping between my old way and my new way, my old way I was floundering and you know Attending. But effectively, I mean, I knew lions dead. But what would I found out from what anticipate therapy from this whole research is that they know more than I do. But they don't know either their body knows. To my truth, I can guide them back into their own inner wisdom. And when that happens, they don't need me anymore. They can. They can, they're establishing positive self parenting, and passive self parenting is really the key to health. It's a new.


Amazing. So you discover all this through your research, and then you start using it. And you're seeing that this is really effective. It's helping my clients and, and then is the idea, okay, I need to share this with the world, I need to put this in a book, I need to start teaching this to people. So what was that process like for you? It was arduous.


And I was sitting for years with this information and bursting at the seams with it. And being always frustrated, and not knowing how to get it out of my system. And I went to this retreat center, and I met this very well known published author in the elevator and I asked her, I have a question to you. How did you write your book? I mean, how I just can't get, I don't know how to do this. And she said in a very flippant way, she said, just write it. And I was I was so mad at her for just brushing me off like that. But then what that helped me because then I realized, okay, okay, I need I need, I need to make space in my life for this. So I decided to make myself sit down at the computer every morning nine to 10. And whether or not whether you're right or not, that's what I'm gonna do. And that's what I did. And the moment I sat down at that computer, it just flew out of me. And it took a whole year. And I really think I channeled this one book because it just blew out. I mean, I decided to write it for the general audience is not for the for the legal audience, not for the profession. I think that was a mistake. In retrospect, I should have written it for the profession, and writing one for the profession now. Oh, amazing.


Yeah. Yeah. Oh, my gosh, that's amazing. Yeah, that's how I am to like, I'll get ideas, and then it just like has to come out of me like it feels so in them when I, you know, until I sit down, like you said, and really start to just like, Okay, I'm doing this, then it flows, you know, and I just love that because I feel that same way. A lot of times it just like, I can't stop until I get it out of me. You know, once I start similar, similar to and I love that like the channeling, like for my higher who knows where but I could totally relate to that. Because I get that same like inspiration myself.


I guess that's wonderful. Yeah,


I love hear that. Yeah, it's like it has to be shared. I totally get that. Okay, so the book pours out. And what's that process? Like? Do you self publish? Do you find somebody to help you publish, and I found


I, it was a hybrid, so called hybrid publish publication. So through an actual publishing company, I self published through a publishing company. So it's called hybrid. And the problem with that is that there is no advertisement I can afford advertising my book. Yes, I know what I know. I don't know anything. Yes. And this is the problem. Because now it's, I feel like, I still feel like I'm stuck with this gigantic piece of information. I feel like I'm sitting on a diamond mound, a mountain of diamonds, that's how I feel guilty, and I need to get it out. So I'm still bursting by the sun. But finally, things are flowing. You know, I've been doing the retreats and the trainings. Now for two years, I've been invited to major conferences to present it. So things are really beginning to kick in. And so, but it takes that kind of nitty gritty work of organizing channels and ways and attempts, it's to get the word out, but it's very, very frustrating and very, very slow, because I throw spaghetti on the wall, and one out of 100 maybe sticks halfway down. You know, it's like, I have to start all over. But it's beginning to I really believe that this is the next level of psychotherapy, it really integrates and pulls together. Everything that we know that works in the most potent and streamlined of ways. And it really just evolved from that one little thing that I needed to know why it works. Yeah. Ah,


I love that story so much. It's amazing to me. Okay, so So and then you were all always a traveler, but now it's like okay, now I have something I just have to put out into the world. So I'm Also I get to travel and do this with retreats. Are they always in southern Italy? Or are they? Do you go all over the world? Or how do you how do you work that? And do you try to like pick places where you can travel? Like, I'm just curious about that process for you?


So originally, I was thinking that I would do it all around the world. Yeah. Actually, I did one in Costa Rica as well. And we're in Italy, and I'm going back to Italy in a week to lead another one. But targeted through the whole thing about doing this in Italy, was came out of emotionally for me, out of lack of enough confidence in my work, even though it was it was diamond. Nobody knows about it. So how can I get people to come and listen to this unless I attach it to something irresistible, like the Saudi visa, right, that has started. And then I was thinking, I will do it in France, in Greece, and you know, all kinds of beautiful places. But now, I'm realizing I don't have to go anywhere, you know, this work standard stands on its own. I like to go places. And I like to give that experience after that experience. And it's been life changing for everybody who ever came. So I get feedback forms for the CPUs, because I have received, and it's always the life changing term is always in there. Because people get to reset it, they get to connect inwards, they get to really transform their own relationship with themselves, and then get back into their practice. Because the thing with this kind of therapy is that you can only help others to the degree that you can help yourself. It's even more true with authenticity therapy, because otherwise, we are living in our blind spots. We don't see what we don't see. Yeah. And I can only help you to connect with him to the degree that I'm connected with him. So I'm beginning to teach. So I have a training coming up in Austin, Texas in November, anything. Yeah, I'm gonna do one in Connecticut. Soon. I do one day trainings, I do 10 day trainings when it's including the trauma skills. So, which is a certification training? So I don't know, I'm having fun. And yeah, I often enjoy the joy of life, you know, it's almost like I'm letting myself being guided intuitively, just like what authentic therapy dictates, which is to live intuitively. Yes.


Yeah. I was gonna say, as you're folding more into your own method, you're realizing like you said, like, Oh, I thought I had to have these beautiful places to prop it up. But now I could see I could do it anywhere. I could do it from home and Connecticut, if I wanted to. Yes, yes. Which is amazing. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. So So what is the name of your book, we haven't even said it. So


the books name is apple of my eye, like, am I the four practices of self love. It does have the whole, the whole shebang is in this book, from A to Z. And I really feel the need now to write to write a book just for therapists. Because there's so much more to it. You know how to get people to that point. Yes, they can do this and how to undo obstacles in the way, whether it's cultural, or upbringing, or role models, or trauma, or religious or other beliefs and an act that may be in the way of us loving ourselves. And there's plenty of that in our culture. This model turns out to be this this way of thinking turns out to be really the medicine, the heirs of our Western culture, as of distraction of too much activity of consumerism, in a way as a substitute, to meet real needs to addictions, you know, not to talk about traumas, which are rampant, you know, the traumas of abuse and neglect, and other traumas. So, there's a lot to being able to bring people back to where they belong, on the right track in their relationship with themselves because when you heal that relationship, everything else falls into place, your outer ship will follow suit, because you won't put up with anything less than anything less love and care and presence and attention and kindness and soothing and communication, healthy communication and delivering to the needs mutually in ships, you know, but this is the foundation because we put up with less than when we have less than in our own relationship to ourselves.


makes so much sense. Absolutely. Yes. I will. I love that so much and I love now that you're that you've written one for the general public and now you're gonna go back and and sort of talk about, obviously what you're training on, I guess the 10 day training, putting that into a book so that therapists can learn this method to That's amazing. It did you say there's also a certification with it it to be certified in the authenticity therapy? Is that the certification? Oh my gosh, that's amazing. Yes. I had amazing accomplishment to develop the research it, develop it and then turn it into a certification. That's amazing to me that that's fantastic. Yeah, yes.


Okay. And


thank you. Yeah,


I think it's this is to in each one of our lives, our lives, you know, that things build what you do, by little by little by little, even without a vision, I didn't have this vision, it just called on its own. And it's true for each one of us, you know, what we do, it's about exercise or nutrition or, or how we speak and how we express ourselves and how we relate and how we think all these things add up and up and up and up and up and up, let alone the things that we actually do with our hands or with our minds. And then something comes out of it. Usually, you know, it doesn't have to be a book, a beautiful line out of it, which is the definition of success. You know,


absolutely. absolute peace


in our hearts, alignment, alignment between your mind and your body. Between exactly in a chat.


Exactly. And that's, you know, that's really one of the reasons I started this podcast is because I wanted therapists and anybody to know that you want to live in Italy for a month, or you want to, you know, whatever that inner calling is that you say I can't do it, I can't you know, I've got to stay in my state of licensure, I've got to, you know, only see this type of client, I've got to have an office, you know, all of these like rules that are put upon us, when really there's that inner like longing or calling inside that we don't listen to all the time. So that's part of this podcast is like, listen to these stories, these inspirational stories, like if you just tune inward and really follow what your heart wants, or I don't know, if you call it your heart, or whatever your intuition, whatever it is, once you can have what you said that that definition of success, which is a happy life, basically following your true inner calling. Yeah.


salutely I love I love your vision, and I love your passion for this. I love what you're doing. Because it's, it's it reaches for me, it's allowing joy, it's allowing harmony, it's allowing peace, it's allowing, enjoying your life, which is really the way health feels like, you know, if if traveling costs to you, because you love it because you love to explore because it makes you excited. And, and enriched. That's what you need to reach for. If you on the other hand. You see there are two main motivations for anything in life. Whether it's out of love, like what I was not bad right now, or whether it's our fear, right? People my like to travel because they are afraid of being in their own skin and feel. So they need new stimulation, new places, new environments, new whatever, to escape. Yeah, exactly. Right. And that would be disconnecting, it wouldn't be as joyful to be away, it would be just a relief to not have to feel, you know, exactly


right. Yep. Yeah, it could go either way. You're so right about that. Yeah, it could be used as a defense mechanism or a connection to your ultimate joy. Yeah, level of fear.


Exactly. And any job as therapists to be clear with our own selves, as to doing what we are doing, how are we really feeling? What is our relationship to our own feelings, because we deal with feelings we deal in feelings, that's our field, you know, and the We Are the drop in the ocean that has all the elements in it already. So we have to really take a look at the draft and understand it deeply and heal it deeply. So that we can exude that healing, whether through knowledge or actions or words or, or just energy to others effortlessly. effort alone, a lot of times travel because we are burned out because we have been left alone away from everybody and be able to tap in. That's that's actually the main reason why at this point, I do retreats abroad as well, because we sometimes we do need to get away to have silence and solitude and the ability to tap in. Mm hmm.


Absolutely. Outside of our environment. Yeah. Outside of her environment that might be family and work and all that stress that can be connected to the place that you're actually living. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. Amazing. So, so how do people work with you? They want to come to your retreats or you know, we talked about your book, but where do they find your book? How do people connect with you? So


I their website www. Unit marrows that comm that's why you do it that ma R or s.com, I have an email unit morris@gmail.com. Yeah, I am highly reachable. And all my retreats are on my website and trainings. And I'm going to present at the MFT conference in Orlando in in November, and I will be certification training in November in Austin, Texas. So it's amazing, those other things coming up. But I would love I would love it if people would come because that's the thing, I'm bursting to share this. Yeah, more people need to know about this, because it will click things into place. And as I didn't finish the thought about, you know, this is a new new paradigm, it's a new culture, focusing from the external to the external from distraction to inner connection, from survival to thriving, it's a whole new paradigm from suffering to peace, you know, and, and so we are at the forefront of basically the way this is the way I see myself and my students, we are at the forefront of changing the paradigm, the cultural paradigm, not just the therapeutic paradigm, you know, to this whole new idea that thriving is our birthright, and it may is made of self need fulfillment, which is made of positive self parenting, which is love, love Safwan amazing.


Yeah, and what you're doing is so important. And I feel the same way. Like when it channels through me, I have to give it to other people because it is a trickle down effect. You know, it's like, Yes, I give, you know, time is based in Georgia travel and permission and all that. And then the therapist is happy and not burned out. And then the therapist is giving that to their clients, their clients are giving that to their families and the rest of the world. And it's this trickle down effect. And that sounds just like what what you're doing with with the information you're giving the world to it starts in your conferences and your trainings and then trickles down to other therapists and their clients. And it's just it's amazing. Yeah, yes,


we are both doing the same exact thing. And I think each each therapist every word we say everything we do, every angle we use will reverberate you know in the system of the client's family, and then outwards from there. And in our own systems.


Amazing. Oh my gosh, thank you so much. So all of your information will be in the show notes too. So hopefully people can click through and find out about your retreats and attend them and grab your book and I'll be looking for the therapist edition that comes out too.


Thank you so much. I really appreciate so much for inviting me. Thank you for coming in good luck with your traveling and with spreading the word and with giving permission and ideas to our most impacted class of citizens were just set up is yes. Or need the most positive influx of information and experiences in order to offset all the pain that we are dealing with in our profession.


Yeah, everything we see day in and day out. That's right. Yeah. Thank you. Thank


you for doing this

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