119. The Secret Struggles of a Therapist Living Abroad: Time Zones, Visas, and More! with Allyson Clemmons.

119. The Secret Struggles of a Therapist Living Abroad: Time Zones, Visas, and More! with Allyson Clemmons.

In this enlightening episode of the Traveling Therapist podcast, we're joined by Allyson Clemmons, who shares her intriguing journey from being a traditional therapist in the U.S. to embracing a nomadic lifestyle across Europe. Starting her new life initially in Greece due to a combination of love and a longstanding desire to live overseas, Allyson navigates the complexities of different visa regulations and cultural adjustments. Her move to Albania presents new opportunities and insights into the practicalities of living and working abroad as a digital nomad. Allyson's experiences highlight the nuances of adjusting to local customs, managing accommodations that align with tourist seasons, and transitioning through various countries while maintaining a sense of home and professional stability.

Allyson also delves into the challenges of managing a therapy practice across significant time zone differences, illustrating the logistical hurdles of aligning her schedule with clients back in the U.S. She discusses strategic decisions about licensing and client management that have facilitated smoother operations of her practice. Looking forward, Allyson contemplates potential moves to either Thailand or Argentina, weighing the impacts on her professional and personal life. Additionally, she offers valuable advice to other therapists considering a similar path, focusing on marketing strategies for private practices and navigating international regulations. Her journey underscores the importance of flexibility, preparation, and resilience in the life of a traveling therapist.

Key Points:

  1. Transition to Greece and Albania: Allyson discusses her move from the U.S. to Greece and later Albania due to love and her desire to live abroad. She details navigating visa requirements and the cultural and administrative challenges encountered along the way.
  2. Adapting Practice Across Time Zones: Allyson explains the complexities of maintaining her therapy practice across different time zones, focusing on the logistical difficulties of scheduling and conducting sessions from Europe with clients in the U.S., specifically Oregon and later Massachusetts.
  3. Future Plans and Digital Nomad Insights: She shares her future relocation plans to potentially Thailand or Argentina, reflecting on how each location might impact her therapy practice. Allyson also gives insights into managing a dual career, including her work in marketing for therapists and holistic healers.

About Allyson Clemmons: 

I am a licensed therapist and private practice marketing strategist for modality-based therapists and practitioners, holistic healers, and complementary/alternative medicine providers.

I help my clients learn and master the marketing skills necessary to be able to fill their caseloads with private-pay clients so that they can leave behind the hassle and headache of being in-network with insurance companies, see fewer than 12 clients/week, and achieve time, money, and location freedom.

I do this through teaching my clients how to find and speak to the type of client they’d love to fill their entire caseload with — without having to dance on TikTok or use bro-marketing strategies.

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