108. From Engineering to Empowering: The Unconventional Journey of a Traveling Therapist with Lenora Johnson

108. From Engineering to Empowering: The Unconventional Journey of a Traveling Therapist with Lenora Johnson

In this episode of the Traveling Therapist Podcast, interviews Lenora Johnson.  Lenora, a self-proclaimed wandering soul, traces her passion for travel back to childhood dreams and a pivotal family vacation to Niagara Falls, which opened her eyes to the marvels beyond her immediate environment. Her academic and professional path took her through various states, cementing her belief in the feasibility of practicing therapy across geographical boundaries. Lenora's story is a testament to adaptability and the pursuit of work-life harmony, highlighting her strategic adjustments to time zones and client schedules to maintain a successful practice while indulging in her love for travel.

Key Points:

  • Lenora Johnson's transition from a traditional to a traveling therapist, inspired by her early love for travel and a significant family trip.
  • Her journey through various states for education and work, leading to a nuanced understanding of practicing therapy across geographical boundaries.
  • Development of a therapy workbook and a documentation course, drawing from her engineering background and social work experience, to aid therapists and laypeople alike.
  • Planning of retreats focused on providing respite and empowerment for overwhelmed women and mothers, showcasing her commitment to community support and personal growth.

About Lenora:

Lenora has 20+ years of experience in health and human services working as a victim advocate, crisis intervention specialist and group facilitator. Lenora has 10+ years of experience as a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) providing therapy, case management and care coordination. Lenora is also passionate about education is currently certified as a Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional, Clinical Telemental Health Provider, and Shame Informed Treatment Specialist. Lenora’s pronouns are she/her/hers. She is an African American woman and an ally for LGBTQ+. She owns and operates L.C.N. WELLNESS LLC, a private practice serving both Oregon and Washington. 

Lenora was born with a wandering spirit, and it has always felt natural to travel. As early as 2nd grade Lenora was dreaming about the places she wanted to go. Lenora hit the ground running after graduating high school. She moved from MI to FL, FL to NV, NV to FL, FL to OH, OH to MI, MI to FL and FL to OR. After starting in private practice, she takes her show on the road. Lenora will spend 2-4 weeks traveling across the USA. Lenora is a global citizen who lives locally in OR.  

She loves bringing her favorite things together, therapy and traveling. 

Connect with Lenora:

Website: https://lcnwellness.com

IG: www.LCNWELLNESS/instagram.com

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