107. Beaches, Bureaucracy, and Therapy: One Woman's Tale of Life on a Caribbean Mexican Island with Keesha Parker

107. Beaches, Bureaucracy, and Therapy: One Woman's Tale of Life on a Caribbean Mexican Island with Keesha Parker

In this episode of the Traveling Therapist Podcast, Kym interviews Keesha Parker, also known as Sandy Beaches, about her transition from a traditional therapist to a traveling therapist living in Cozumel and formally Isla Mujeres.  Keesha's journey began with a license in Arkansas, followed by Texas. She was inspired by Dr. Amber Lyda's online therapist group, leading her to explore telehealth options. Keesha moved to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, and eventually became a permanent resident after four years as a temporary resident. She discusses the challenges of adapting to life in Mexico, including dealing with bureaucracy, transportation, and cultural differences.

Keesha elaborates on the complexities of obtaining residency, buying a car, and the differences in everyday conveniences compared to the U.S. Despite the challenges, she loves the tropical weather, the affordability of domestic travel, and the beautiful beaches. Keesha also highlights the cultural acceptance and lesser-known aspects of life in Mexico, such as dealing with power outages and cultural differences in safety norms. 

Key Points:

  • Transition to Traveling Therapist:  Keesha's move from Arkansas to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, including adapting to telehealth and obtaining residency.
  • Challenges and Adaptations: Dealing with Mexican bureaucracy, cultural differences, and finding creative solutions for work (e.g., car therapy during power outages).
  • Appreciating the Lifestyle:  Despite challenges, Keesha enjoys the tropical climate, beautiful beaches, and affordability of travel within Mexico.

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