105. Digital Nomad Realities: To Store Your Stuff or Not (NOT)!

105. Digital Nomad Realities: To Store Your Stuff or Not (NOT)!

In this episode of the Traveling Therapist podcast, Kym shares her experiences and insights as a digital nomad. Currently in the Dominican Republic, she and her boyfriend Ken have embraced a lifestyle of living in Airbnbs without a permanent home base. Kym candidly discusses the challenges they've faced, particularly with storage units and finding suitable airbnb’s. Initially, they stored their furniture, unsure about committing fully to nomadic life. However, this decision proved costly, leading Kym to advise others considering this lifestyle to avoid such pitfalls. Kym also discusses the complexities of managing cars while traveling abroad, highlighting the unexpected expenses and logistical issues they encountered.

Kym touches on the realities of digital nomad life, sharing her frustrations with inconsistent Airbnb experiences, including noise and other inconveniences. Despite the allure of beautiful locations and perfect weather, she admits feeling weary of the constant moving and challenges of settling into new places. Reflecting on her professional life, Kym talks about her decision to end her traveling therapist membership due to its stress and lack of community connection. She emphasizes the importance of aligning work with personal comfort and value. Kym also mentions her two other successful memberships, 'Bill Like a Boss' and 'Clinical AI Club,' her passion for AI, and her new AI-focused podcast, 'Run Your Private Practice with AI.'

Key Points:

  • Storage Unit Challenges: Kym advises against storing furniture for those considering a digital nomad lifestyle, sharing her costly experience of maintaining multiple storage units.
  • Airbnb Experiences: She shares the difficulties of finding suitable Airbnbs, dealing with noise, and the general weariness from constant moving and accommodations not meeting expectations.
  • Professional Shifts: Kym discusses her decision to close her traveling therapist membership and focus on her remaining ventures, 'Bill Like a Boss' and 'Clinical AI Club,' and her new AI-focused podcast.

Links Mentioned:

Run Your Private Practice with AI (Podcast): www.clinicalaiclub.com/podcast

Progress Notes AI (App): www.progressnotesai.com

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