104. The Quebec Conundrum: The Challenge of Getting Licensed In Two Countries with Ally Rosenberg

104. The Quebec Conundrum: The Challenge of Getting Licensed In Two Countries with Ally Rosenberg

In this episode of The Traveling Therapist Podcast, Kym interviews Ally Rosenberg, a therapist specializing in women's mental health, who is exploring the possibility of living a traveling therapist lifestyle in Quebec. Ally's interest in this lifestyle stems from her partner's career flexibility and citizenship in Canada. Which allows them to consider living in different locations. She discusses her efforts to navigate the complexities of virtual therapy practice across borders, including understanding the specific licensure requirements in different regions.

Ally has been researching the legalities of cross-border virtual practice and has utilized resources like Person-Centered Tech trainings on this topic. She explains that state licensing boards regulate where the therapist can practice, usually requiring the therapist to be licensed in the state where the client is located. In Quebec, where Ally is considering practicing, the psychological order mandates licensure for outpatient work. She talks about the challenges she faces as she explores the possibility of working with a master's degree in Quebec.

One of the critical considerations for traveling therapists, as Ally notes, is managing high-acuity clients while abroad. She balances her work between community services and private clients to mitigate risks and gain experience. Ally also emphasizes the importance of having liability insurance coverage for cross-border practice, advising direct contact with insurers to understand international coverage specifics.

As for her future plans, Ally remains open to new connections and sharing insights about the process of practicing in Quebec. Her decision between France and Quebec will depend on her partner's job situation, which is expected to be finalized in June. She encourages listeners to reach out to her to discuss these topics further.

Key Points:

  • Navigating Virtual Practice Across Borders: Ally is researching the legal requirements for virtual therapy practice in different states and countries, focusing on understanding the regulations for therapists practicing outside their licensed state.
  • Quebec Licensure and Challenges: In Quebec, licensure is required for outpatient work. Ally is exploring options for equivalency applications and considering the French language requirements, which pose a challenge for her due to ADHD.
  • Managing Risks and Gaining Experience: Ally balances her work between community services and private clients to mitigate risks while practicing abroad. She also discusses the importance of liability insurance for cross-border practice and the need for thorough research.

About Ally Rosenberg

Ally is a therapist new to private practice and interested in experiencing an amazing career as a therapist while needing to move around for my partner's academic/research career. In her practice, she enjoy empowering women through life's challenges and finding a sense of liberation in their every day life. Ally use an integrative approach to treat ADHD, anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges. And she is trained in DBT, CBT, MI, and ACT.

She is someone who really enjoys a wide array of skill sets throughout her week. So wherever she end up, she like to take on per diem work in emergency rooms, and run DBT skills groups at higher levels of care.

Connect with Ally:

Email address:  allyrosenberg@risewithrose.org

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