102. Breaking the Mold: How Katrina McGhee Wrote the Ultimate Guide for Career Pauses

102. Breaking the Mold: How Katrina McGhee Wrote the Ultimate Guide for Career Pauses

In this episode of "The Traveling Therapist" podcast, Kym interviews Katrina McGhee, a career break and sabbatical coach. Katrina shares her unique journey of becoming a published author with the "For Dummies" series. She talks about her new book, "Taking a Career Break for Dummies," and explains how it guides individuals through the process of taking a break from their careers. 

The discussion covers the unexpected opportunity of being approached by a publisher, the challenges of writing the book, and the importance of an authentic online presence. Katrina also emphasizes the value of taking people along on your journey through regular updates and sharing both the highs and lows of the process. The conversation highlights the impact and importance of taking breaks for personal growth and how it can lead to unexpected opportunities and self-discovery.

Key Points:

  • Unexpected Opportunities: Katrina McGhee's story of how she was approached to write a book for the "For Dummies" series, highlighting the power of being present online and authentic engagement.
  • The Writing Process: The challenges and structure involved in writing her book, including the necessity of planning, drafting, and emotional investment.
  • Taking Career Breaks: The book's focus on helping readers understand and successfully navigate career breaks, emphasizing their value for personal growth and rejuvenation.

About Katrina McGhee:

Katrina McGhee is a career break and sabbatical expert, author, speaker and certified master coach with an MBA. With her wealth of knowledge and experience, Katrina helps mid-career professionals design transformative life breaks that lead to happiness, personal growth and lasting change.

As an authority in her field, Katrina developed the Break Blueprint, a guiding framework she's used to help over 70 clients rejuvenate their lives by taking a break to travel the world, launch a business, change careers and more.

Katrina's work was inspired by her own 20-month career break where she saved $40,000 in just 18 months to quit her corporate job to travel the world. As an avid world traveler and digital nomad, her expertise on career breaks and travel has been featured in prestigious outlets such as Forbes, Smarter Travel, Thrive Global, and Yahoo.

Book: https://www.kmcgheecoaching.com/book

Free Gift: https://www.kmcgheecoaching.com/45things

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katrinamcghee222/

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