100. The Global Therapist's Dance: Merging Movement, Mind, and Sexuality with Anna Linde

100. The Global Therapist's Dance: Merging Movement, Mind, and Sexuality with Anna Linde

In this episode of The Traveling Therapist podcast, Kym interviews Anna Linde, a therapist with a distinctive journey in the world of therapy. Anna initially studied cognitive behavioral therapy but soon discovered her passion lay beyond traditional methods. The onset of COVID-19 allowed her to explore online therapy while concurrently pursuing studies in dance and movement therapy and sexology. Anna finds a compelling connection between dance and sex, viewing both as deeply embodied states of self and interpersonal connection. She has effectively blended these disciplines into her therapy practice, offering unique online sessions that provide her clients the comfort and flexibility of being in their own space. Anna's educational background is diverse, with qualifications from Sweden and additional certifications from Canada, enabling her to coach clients globally while adhering to Swedish regulations for therapy sessions.

Anna's life is a tapestry of experiences, from moving to Portugal and Spain with her two sons and adopting a dog to breaking up with her ex-partner and starting a new relationship with a fellow digital nomad. She discusses the intricacies of navigating regulations in different countries, especially concerning her children's education, and emphasizes the importance of adaptability and open-mindedness in this lifestyle. The family's current base is Thailand, chosen for its balance of regulatory ease and lifestyle preferences, illustrating the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of a traveling therapist's life.

Key Points:

  • Blending Disciplines for Unique Therapy: Anna combines her expertise in cognitive behavioral therapy, dance and movement therapy, and sexology to offer a unique therapeutic approach. 
  • Navigating International Regulations: She navigates complex regulations across different countries, balancing her diverse qualifications to legally offer therapy and coaching worldwide.
  • Adaptable Family Life and Education: Anna discusses the challenges and rewards of traveling with her children, including adapting to different education systems and making collective decisions on their travel destinations.

About Anna:

Anna is a Swedish-Brazilian sexologist and Dance&Movementtherapist that loves to break free and outsmart the comfort zone. Traveled through Europe last year (mostly Portugal, Spain and Germany) with her sons, 13 & 10 y and their adopted dog Julia (from Spain). This year, Thailand and Asia, all together on another amazing journey.

Celebrating her finished thesis in sexology where she wrote about International Adoptees Sexual and Reproductive Health and looking forward to new challenges.

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