10. My First Month As A Digital Nomad - What A Wild Ride It Has Been!

10. My First Month As A Digital Nomad - What A Wild Ride It Has Been!

This is the Last episode of season one of the traveling therapist!  What a season!! We’ve had over 2000 unique listeners which really warms my heart! I just get so excited about the impact this podcast is having on people. I’m getting messages and emails everyday about therapists feeling inspired to start traveling, now, while they are working and no longer feeling the need to wait. This is what it’s all about. The.whole.reason I created The Traveling Therapist. 

 I’m also so happy to announce that  we’ve had two sponsors for The Traveling Therapist  podcast in the first season. Which totally blows me away. Part of my traveling obsession is being able to create different income streams to help me work less and be able to explore more. I’m really seeing that dream come true. Having sponsors allows me to have more space to create traveling therapist content and actually explore while I’m traveling. 

For the second season, I decided to change the theme a bit. There are so many traveling experts out there that have specific travel niches. I went searching for all kinds of experts. You won’t believe who I found. Have you ever heard of a career break and sabbatical coach? Me either! I can’t wait to share everything I’ve learned. 

Also, during this first season I’ve  been furiously working on The Traveling Therapist course.  Soon to be released!! I am so completely excited to share this course with you.


Your Therapy Practice is All Online ✅. 

You Love To Travel ✅. 

Now What ??

A comprehensive course showing you how to travel the world,  fund your traveling obsession, and still see your clients. 

Learn from actual Traveling Therapists that are already making this lifestyle a reality.


💰Kym Tolson, Developing Multiple Income Steams to Fund Your Traveling Obsessions

📅Patrick Casale, How to Take One Week Off Every Month

🚗Amber Lyda, Online Therapy & How to Get Your Practice Up and Running Quickly So You Can Travel

🌎Lisa Lovelace, Run An Online Group Practice & Work from Anywhere

🤞💏Jeanene Jacobs Wolf, Seeking Peer Support While On The Road

📈Megan Smith Gunnell, How to Scale Up Your Practice for More Income

💲Jenny Schottmiller, Business Deductions While You Travel

✈️Tara Trottier, Systems to Make Traveling Easier and Your Practice Run on Autopilot

👩‍❤️‍👨Sindee Gozansky: How to Manage Different Relationship Styles and Still Travel  Together With Your Partner

⏰Jen Hyatt: How To Navigate Time Zones and Stay Sane 

🇬🇧Tamara Howell: Working and Traveling in The UK & How To Navigate GDPR Requirements 



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