09. I Moved To Mexico! With Cassie Coleman-Heppler

09. I Moved To Mexico! With Cassie Coleman-Heppler

Cassie shares her journey from being a traditional therapist to a traveling online therapist way before it was a norm in the field. In this episode, Cassie discusses the path she traveled to end up living in Mexico! If you are thinking of moving to Mexico permanently, this is the episode for you!  

I have been a therapist for 22 years and worked with a diverse population and locations.  From residential care to community mental health, universities and working for the British Government as a specialist social worker. It was that move from 2005-2008 in England that really set the seed for me to become a traveling therapist.  I started a private practice on the side and started doing virtual therapy/platforms in 2012, while my colleagues just scratched their heads in confusion, assured in their belief that only in-person therapy works.  I loved it.  For the next few years, I planned the next phase of my life where we bought and renovated a home in the capital of the Yucatan in Mexico and have been using that as a home base while I am still able to travel, work and connect to family and friends in a way I never could historically.  

“So when we chose Mexico, it looked like my husband had guidelines, like no natural disasters, like he didn't want to live on the Pacific side, because it was like, you know, and so there were those kinds of things to consider. And MERIT has been named one of the safest cities in the world. It's number two safest and all of the Americas behind Quebec.”

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