06. Health Insurance for Digital Nomads with RJ Martin and Michael Mandarino

06. Health Insurance for Digital Nomads with RJ Martin and Michael Mandarino

This is a special episode of The Traveling Therapist where I speak with RJ Martin and Michael Mandarino. They are health insurance brokers who specialize in helping digital nomads find reasonably priced health insurance for domestic and international travelers. Get all your health insurance questions answered! 

“As a financial advisor, the worst thing for people to be in bankruptcy is because of medical bills, as they can't afford it, but you can't not afford to have insurance because it is Insurance is there for a reason. It sucks when you can't afford it, but it sucks really bad when you don't have it, and you can't afford it.”

  • A meaningful conversation with health insurance brokers 
  • What insurance brokers can do to help you as a digital nomad
  • RJ and Michael answer some questions 

Reach out to RJ Martin with any questions you may have. 


Michael Mandarino


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