05. Becoming A Digital Nomad; My Exciting New Journey

05. Becoming A Digital Nomad; My Exciting New Journey

In this episode, I share my journey starting out as a digital nomad. 2/2/22 is the big day! I’m throwing 1 bag in my little convertible and hitting the road. I’m excited and nervous about this journey I’m about to embark upon. It’s definitely going to be an adventure. In this episode, I share about my last week at home before I actually start traveling as a digital nomad. 

I’m documenting our preparation for this big life change. I share tips and tricks we are discovering along the way. Learn about the tech gadgets we are bringing, our Airbnb checklist, the services we use to make traveling easier, how we are managing our cars, and our mail. 

“We don't know if we're just totally crazy, or brilliant, we have no idea this is going to be terrible or wonderful, it's probably going to be a combination of both, I think we all know traveling can be sort of exhausting. So we'll see, we're just gonna see what's gonna happen”

  • Sharing my journey of becoming a digital nomad
  • What the process is like
  • Sharing where we are right now and what’s going to happen this 02/02/22

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05. Becoming A Digital Nomad The Start of My Journey
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