Deer Valley Utah

1.My recent trip 7-22-2021. My boyfriend and I traveled to Deer valley, Utah. This was our first official trip with

We stayed in the Montage Resort at Deer Valley. A massive resort sitting on top of a mountain in Utah. Overlooking Park Valley, Utah, home of the Sundance Film Festival.

2. Pics and videos below

3. I did work while I was there. I had a special guest expert Megan Smith Gunnell present about retreat building in my billing membership.

I saw a handful of clients while I was there as well.

4. I’m licensed in Virginia and Utah does not require me to be licensed in that state to see my VA clients.

5. I did bill insurance while I was there Cigna and BCBS

6. My clients love that I travel. I shared the view from our patio with one of my clients.

7. The Internet was terrible. I had to allow Megan to be my zoom cohost and she continue to run the meeting when I was in an out throughout her presentation. Thank you Megan! I did cancel a few clients one day that was particularly terrible. I was able to see a couple of them over FaceTime.

8. Highlights: All the different hiking trails. Literally, each location looked totally different and all were stunningly beautiful. Potentially had the best burger of my life. The Luxe Burger.

9: Low lights: getting exposed to gluten at a restaurant that was supposedly very good with gluten-free food. (I have celiac disease and this makes travel more complicated). 10: used my new United mileage explorer card and got TSA Clear at a heavily discounted price.

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