5 Day Insurance Based Mini Course

By The End of this Challenge, You Will Know If Insurance Is Right For Your Practice
Day 1: What type of private practice you want to have — brick and mortar, telehealth or a hybrid.
Day 2: If taking insurance in your private practice is right for you.
Day 3: A marketing strategy to network and decide which insurance companies to take.
Day 4: Whether you should do insurance billing yourself or hire billers to do it for you. (Either way this course will teach you important things you need to know!)
Day 5: The first 3 steps to start billing in your private practice and access to my credentialing quickstart guide.
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Insurance Billing for Private Practice

Build a thriving telehealth or brick-and-mortar practice by learning how to bill insurance companies for counseling.
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Bill Like A Boss

Join our nurturing membership community for the 24/7 support you need to bill insurance without the hassle and frustration of doing it alone.
Beginner — You are brand new to billing insurance for your private therapy practice and feeling overwhelmed.
Intermediate — You have already started the complicated credentialing process, or have already started billing, but just need a little more support and guidance to get to your goals.
Advanced — You are a fairly experienced biller looking to put more strategic, time-saving systems into place to grow your business.
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Mental Health Billing 101 for Virtual Assistant and Admins

All the step-by-step tools you need to build a successful mental health billing virtual assistant business.
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The Traveling Therapist Course

A comprehensive course showing you how to travel the world, fund your traveling obsession, and still see your clients.
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